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"Our Condo is fortunate to have Hallmark Management manage our premises and operation. Darcie is very knowledgeable about Condominium operations and with her great experience, provide a good comfort level for all matters. She is  proactive and provides good guidance and recommendations that make sense to the best interest of  all parties."


"She provides reliable management of any repairs or any contractor-related involvement at any time that is utilized. Reports and paperwork for all business related to the Condo are well documented, presented with clarity, and with timely responses for Board requests."

"This is the kind of condo management company that makes the Board sleep well."

Clyde Nobbee, PEng

President, Blue Danube Condominium

"Darcie is principled, professional and very responsive.‎ Her experience, problem solving attitude, timeliness and sense of humour help make condo property issues more manageable."

Tannis Carlson

"Darcie is a very knowledgeable property manager. She provides excellent customer service by providing well thought out and reasoned advise, which is definitely appreciated by someone like me who is a relatively new condo owner and condo board director. In addition to Darcie’s advise she also identifies potential risks and how to mitigate said risks. I highly recommend Darcie and Hallmark Management to anyone who is looking for outstanding property management services."

Ernestine Paraiso

"We have had the pleasure of knowing Darcie since October of 2010 when we signed on to become condo board members for Seymour Place.  Although we had never been a part of a condo board, Darcie’s encouragement, common sense approach and knowledge made us feel at ease.  Her experience and guidance has helped our board make difficult decisions which have made our condo board stronger & the property a valuable asset.  We would highly recommend using Darcie’s services."

Karen Buchanan

"Since 2013 Darcie-Lee Rae has been our Condominium Manager. She manages the challenges of an aged high-rise building with a diversity of occupants in a manner that reflects experience, knowledge of the industry, and genuine interest in the wellbeing of our community. 

She is proactive always being on the lookout for ways to improve things and is responsive in a timely manner. She attends to our needs and issues conscientiously and competently. As if our home was hers.

Communications whether written or verbal are respectful and often injected with humor. 

Financials are handled with transparency and detailed documentation as are all the records kept for reference and verification of the corporation’s business.

Darcie works collaboratively with our Board providing practical well-researched advice to guide our decisions. 

We are kept abreast of trends and changes in Condominium Management because Darcie is involved in activities designed to establish standards and to promote certification of managers. This is a reflection of her concern that properties are managed ethically and with integrity.

A testament to her abilities is the positive response from colleagues in the industry and those in associated trades when we proudly affirm Hallmark as our management company."


"I just wanted to say thanks for being a great building manager. Now that I live elsewhere I am totally seeing how SPOILED the Tara Woods Owners and Residents are to have  you. Bravo!"


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