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  • Accounts Payable – Preparation of checks for the Board to review and sign

  • Accounts Receivable – Collection and deposit of monthly condominium fees.

  • Collection of arrears as per the Corporation Bylaws and the Board of Directors policy.

  • Monthly financial reporting emailed and or delivered at Board Meetings to the Board of Directors.

  • Preparation of the Corporations budget for review 60 days prior to the corporations year end with projections for the new budget. The Board of Directors retains the right to adjust any projections.


  • Registers are kept updated at all times; Owners information, pet information, and vehicle information. All files are confidential and kept private.

  • Communication with the Owners via newsletters and notices as directed by the Board of Directors

  • Correspondence from Owners is handled promptly and professionally at all times. The Board of Directors is advised of all suggestions and comments received from Owners.

  • Arrange and maintain the Corporations insurance policy

  • Administer all special assessments and notices of assessment as required


  • Review annual maintenance agenda with the board and schedule inspections as required.

  • Review the Reserve Fund Study and ensure funding requirements are met.

  • Perform site inspections, frequency as determined by the Board of Directors. All deficiencies in common property are documented and brought to the Board of Directors attention.

  • Emergency repairs are coordinated and acted upon in a timely manner.

  • Arrange service repairs as required, obtain competitive quotes when required.

  • Make available to the Board of Directors a list of proven contractors and vendors for their use.

  • Work with current service providers to ensure proper maintenance is achieved.

  • Seek cost saving measures for energy utilities and service agreements.

  • Removal of large discarded items from the property

  • Maintenance of lighting interior and exterior.

  • Maintenance of the intercom system as required.

  • Advise on Pest Control issues

  • Arrange and monitor Janitorial and Grounds maintenance contracts.


  • Advise the Board of Directors on all matters that arise.

  • Assist with enforcing the Condominium Property ACT, The Regulation and the Bylaws.


  • Attend monthly meetings of the Board as well as the AGM

  • Prepare all meeting materials and distribute the agenda prior

  • Record all minutes of the board meetings and AGM and circulate them to the board within one week.

  • Register the new Board of Directors with land titles after each AGM.

  • Register the address for service on the condominium with land titles.


  • All calls received during business hours 8:30am to 4:30pm will be returned that day. Messages received after 4:30pm are returned the next business day. The exception will be emergency calls.


  • All Board Members and Owners are provided an emergency phone number.  All calls are answered by Hallmark Management. After hours emergencies include but are not limited too; fire, flood, heating issues, extreme weather damage, and vandalism which compromises the safety and security of the residents.


  • Experience managing a portfolio of condominiums ranging in size from 12 to 116 units.

  • Completion of courses as offered by the Canadian Condominium Institute: CM-100, CM-200 and CM-300.

  • Membership in CCI- NAB chapter.

  • ACM – Accredited Condominium Manager – ACMA

  • I have owned condominiums and have served on self managed and professionally managed condominium boards. These experiences have provided me with a management perspective both as an Owner and a Board Member.

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